Cairn Terriers
McCarty's Terriers
of Simonton Farms
Est. 1983
McCarty's Terriers
of Simonton Farms
Est. 1983
Cairn Terriers  (AKC)
"Look master, we have slain the drear plaid beastie!"
by Lindy Tilp copyright 1995
Simonton Farms is located in the rolling hills of horse
country just north of Ocala, Florida.
We, the McCarty family, have picked out our favorite
terrier breeds to raise, love, and breed with the hope
that they become your favorites as well.
Terrier breeds, such as the  Cairn Terrier and our
Teddy Roosevelt (rat) Terrier, make excellent pets.
The terrier is an intelligent, playful, and hearty dog.
(All of our Cairns are A.K.C. Registered)
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April 14th,2017
April 14th,2017
Simonton Farms and the McCarty Family
Working to fulfill our commitment to you and to our Triad
We have owned and bred Cairn Terriers since 2001. We know the breed and have
experience with other breeds to help you decide if a Cairn is the right breed for you.
Before that we bred Rat Terriers and Australian shepherds. We have had many breeds
over the years for our 4 home schooled children. They had to research the breed and as
a reward for hard work could purchase and raise a breed they loved. That is why you
will see a Frenchie,Pug,Scottie,and other breeds in our older photographs. Now that
the children are adults  I have chosen to breed the two terrier breeds that have brought
me much joy.
We also have a volunteer program people stay for 2 weeks to 3 months where they help
with the farm, hand out food to families in our community, and of course they love to
pet puppies. In return they learn about animal husbandry and this leaves our puppies
well socialized.
Our Vets: Dr,Stahler who is sadly now deceased allowed my young children to work
with him mentoring them when doing exams and care on our pups. My other vet,
Dr.Reller allowed my children to ride along on large animal appointments.
Our current vet allowed one of our older children to assist her with paperwork and
holding small animals during home visits.
She comes directly to our home and knows our dogs personally.
All of these things add up to years of knowledge and experience in animal husbandry.
My daughter is highly informed in genetics,allowing us to breed healthy beautiful dogs.
You don't have to belong to a "parent" club to own a purebred dog but if you enjoy that
sort of thing AKC can point you in the right direction. Your Cairn from us will be AKC
registrable .We do charge extra for breeding privileges.
We keep our pups until we and our vet says they are ready to leave their mother.
(in Florida it is illegal to take a puppy away from it's mother until 8 weeks of age please note as
stated above we decide when our pups leave. It can be  from 8-14 weeks old.
It takes years of experience to recognise when a pup is mature enough to leave its
mother. We are happy to help plan a program for raising a puppy. There are so many
options such as  pet nannies, doggie daycare,and friends and relatives if you work full
time or have a busy schedule.
Ask us questions but remember pleases do your research then follow up with us and
verify what you read.

So Listen,question,trust but verify:)

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